Campus Challenge


Depending on your post-secondary institute, you may have all or a selection of the challenges below available for participation. Please check with your campus lead to see what challenges they have offered for your institute.

Name Challenges Category
CNIB Foundation
  • Improving wayfinding navigation
  • Addressing “touch stigma”
  • Overcoming communication challenges
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Genome Canada
  • Optimizing science communication technologies and platforms against misinformation.
  • Building a research community at the ready: diversifying the genomics talent pipeline
  • Keeping our teams connected in the virtual office
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Polytechnics Canada
  • Helping international students stay connected
  • Responding to mental health challenges remotely
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Universities Canada
  • The shift to online learning
  • Improving collaboration with Indigenous peoples
  • Supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion in online environments
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Equal Voice
  • Electing more women to public office
  • Combating online hate and harassment
  • The future of virtual parliaments
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Colleges and Institutes Canada
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Student Experience
  • Skills Development
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ICON Talent Partners
  • Improving BIPOC access to grants government funding opportunities
  • Improving BIPOC access to tech talent and infrastructure
  • Improving BIPOC access to decision makers
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Canadian Council for the Arts
  • Barrier-free access for BIPOC artists
  • Shift to digital
  • Digital cultural diplomacy
Humanities Download Details
  • Employee engagement
  • Racism and anti-racism
  • Intersectionality
Gender + Diversity Download Details
  • Mobilizing social impact funds for women’s rights
  • Improving fundraising for women’s rights organizations
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Name Challenges Category
Indigenous Services Canada
  • Engaging youth in shaping policy and programs
  • Involving youth in the development of public health messaging
  • Supporting mental wellness in children and youth
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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • Living within Earth’s Carrying Capacity
  • Working in the Digital Economy
  • Transit and Mobility
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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
  • Remote Learning and Accessibility
  • Knowledge Mobilisation and Community
  • Communication and Skills Development
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CityStudio Vancouver
  • Waste reduction
  • Mental Health during pandemic
  • Mobility
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Restaurants Canada
  • Regaining customer confidence
  • Adjusting to a new normal
  • Talent retention
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Institute on Governance
  • Democratic Institutions, Citizen Engagement and Public Trust.
  • Youth Engagement in Politics.
  • New, more impactful, science communications
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Name Challenges Category
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Access to financing
  • Improving Indigenous procurement by government
  • Strengthening connections
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Mining Industry HR Council
  • Preparing for the green economy
  • Diversifying the workforce
Humanities Download Details
Business Council of Canada
  • Skills and Education
  • Canada’s communications future
  • Tackling climate change through zero-emission vehicles
  • Canada’s rural and remote communities
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Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Retooling operations post-pandemic
  • Flexible work arrangements for production line workers
  • Separate workforces within the same company
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Conseil du Patronat du Quebec
  • How can we reduce barriers and accelerate digital technology adoption among employers in Quebec? And across Canada?
  • What strategies or tactics could be put in place to ensure individuals have the transferable skills needed to navigate career transitions across industries?
  • As Canada transitions into a 21st century digital economy, how can we improve digital literacy levels among Canadian workers? And how can we reduce digital literacy barriers to online training at Canadian firms?
  • How can firms better support company spirit or culture among employees who are working from home?
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  • Digital Health
  • Government Policy
  • Workforce Development
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Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council
  • Innovation
  • Skills Development
  • Promotion and recruitment
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Toronto Finance International
  • Develop a tool or platform to help SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) navigate all the various programs that are available
  • What is the most effective strategy to provide training/education on online banking/investing services
  • What can we do to help educate Canadians on the options and the power of directing their investment dollars towards reducing their carbon footprint
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Tourism Industry Association of Canada
  • Sustainability
  • Labour
  • Technology
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Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute
  • Economic impact of Covid-19
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Innovation in mobility business models
  • Innovation network
  • Communications
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Science + Tech Download Details
Canadian Construction Association
  • Workforce development
  • Innovation
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Restaurants Canada
  • Regaining customer confidence
  • Adjusting to a new normal
  • Talent retention
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Sectors you can choose from

When you join the challenge, you will select one of these focus areas, which will aid you in selecting the case challenge that best suits your interests. Here are some interesting statistics from each to get you started:

Public Sector

Canada’s public sector includes all government-controlled entities such as ministries, departments, funds, organizations, and business enterprises and makes up 15 percent of Canada’s economy.

Private Sector

Canada’s private sector is made up of for-profit companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large businesses, that are not owned or operated by any level of government and makes up 76 percent of Canada’s economy.


Canada’s not-for-profit sector is divided into three categories: community non-profits (e.g. social services, advocacy groups); business non-profit institutions (business associations or chambers of commerce); and government non-profit institutions (hospitals, universities and colleges). This sector makes up about 9 percent of Canada’s economy.